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Who loves you the most in this whole world? For many the obvious answer of this question is mostly same – their Mother.

Yes, Mothers are the only one in this whole world who loves their kids more than themselves and when there is something which is created by mother then that’s obviously going to be purely awesome like a Mother’s Love.

Gatudoo is an Idea Created by three wonderful moms (Rachna, Riddhi and Heena) who decided to do something unique, challenging and extraordinary not only for their kids but for all the lovely kids of the country India.

In a world where our kids are getting busy in their burden of routine studies and cell phones, where gifts are always considered based on their price not by the love associated with it. Three Mighty Moms [fb group run by these ladies]decided to make a difference and came up with the IDEA which can not only help our society to grow their relationship but also shows the value of love and care in an extra ordinary way.

One day when these three Mighty Moms where discussing about what could be the best gift they can give to their kids in their next birthday? Riddhi came up with an idea where she wantedto craft a soft toy based on a drawing of a cute penguin made by her daughter Jeel. The other two ladies loved this idea as this will be like converting her imagination in to a real-world thing.

They took this a challenge and even though they have never made any soft toy earlier in their life they made it in just 3 days. At that moment they were not knowing that this is not just a simple plush toy but and idea which can bring smilesfor everyone who connects with it.

Finally, the day came when Riddhi gifted that penguin toy wrapped with mother’s love to her daughter and it became one of the most important moment of her life as the Joy and Happiness on her daughter’s face was priceless and that was actually the best gift she can ever gift her because now that toy becomes a priceless memory of a lifetime.

That’s the reason I guessGod has given the power to give new life only to Mother and this was the birth of the IDEA of gatudoo.com where these three Mighty Moms decided to make series of the priceless happy moments for all the people who gets connected with their amazing plush toys.

If you also want to give the best ever gift to your Wife, Mother, Husband, Girlfriend, Father, Sister, Brotheror to your lovely kids, then at Gatudoo.com we will help you to craft their imaginations in to a real-world thing and it will be a priceless memory for a lifetime for you too.